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For an active site click here!

Post by Pivetor on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:23 pm

As much as i told you all, if you were to join loneportal, and message me, this process would have went a lot faster.

A LOT of things needs to happen, if you really wish to have this site up and running again, i suggest you listen to me.

1. Forumotion: this free place is good, but the capabilities are very limited, you cannot code into the forum how you want, now if you wish to have a legit, site that is 100% customizable i suggest you tell me, i can set you up with a free MyBB site, that is already hosted, ect. I would not suggest a PHP site, and PHP is not good at what you need. If you wish for this, you can have me set it up, or you can simply set it up, and then make me an admin, so i can code, get things up and running quick and easy. the site is: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2. Staff: You have tons of inactive ranked members, that mean something to the site, and if people join, and potentially become active, they will see all the staff that are inactive, and get discouraged by the people. Staff in general, you have WAY to many staff positions for this small of a forum, and even for a huge forum. I suggest you simply have the normal, admin, mods, ect.

3. Order: Your site is not organised at all, everything is every where, and it is quite hard to navigate through everything, This is a HUGE thing for new members, if they join, and are quite confused on how to use the site, they will leave. this can help with the MyBB site, because i know how to organize everything quite easily.

4. Uniqueness: You need to be unique, the site is not that popular in forums, so that is a good advantage for you, so why not add your own touches to it. Have fun sections, that revolve around the whole pc2mobile aspect. If you can do this, you can kiss your inactive deadness away.

5. Activeness: ADJ, you are not active on the site, you have not posted in a while, you ARE the owner of this. You need to be here no matter what, you need to advertise your site on everything deemed possible, LonePortal.com has a pretty good advertising section, and i know tons of places to advertise on. You need to show yourself that you want to maintain your site, even if you think it is dead. I know it is hard, but trust me, if you do not, you will fail. That is what happened to Pivetworld. If you are not interested in this subject you added, you can always turn it into something else. People may not like it, but that is why you keep the main subject that you have into one cat. and then turn the rest into something else.

I listed a bunch of things, #1 being the most important and 2-5# being also most important. If you need any help with this, like i stated, i am on LonePortal 24/7 and will always be willing to help an old friend. Until next time ADJ lol

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Re: For an active site click here!

Post by Naheun on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:55 am

I wish i could help but because of no active members it feels like i am only one here and everybody is dead

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